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Free Tarot Card Reading

Get a free Tarot card reading based on a French Tarot de Marseilles card deck.

Our Tarot reading is of the open kind; that is, that the reading is more about your meaning of the archetypical symbols in each Tarot card rather than giving you our dogmatic meanings of the symbols.

As such, our Tarot card reading is concerned with the present moment, the eternal now. We encourage you to find your meaning in your past or future; we will not attempt to tell your fortune or to foresee your future because that seems impossible to us.

Our reading is also based on the ancient Hebrew Kabbalah on which much of the Tarot’s symbols derive.

Consider the reading to be similar to a Rorschach test except that we use Jungian-style universal, visual symbols of the Tarot instead of inkblots that are meaningless in themselves.


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