About Singular Goods

Bill Rowe

Singular Goods is a small, mom and pop business.

Pop, Bill Rowe, is shown on the left and he owns and runs the business. Mom, Christi, a valued adviser and editor.

Bill attended the last one-room schoolhouse in rural Illinois until seventh grade. The telephone system employed an eight-party line, so often people were on the line when one wanted to call out, and you could hear them talking.

Bill went to college at the University of Chicago. He was there in 1968 when there was a great deal of tension and angst at the Democrat’s convention. Then bill went to live in New York City where he attended The Cooper Union to study to become an architect. Years later, Bill and his family moved upstate to the Albany, NY, area.

Christi grew up here in northern California. She has a regular college degree, a masters, and an EDD. Today, Bill and Christi both live in northern California.

We opened Singular Goods in 2009, having had another online jewelry shop selling Celtic and Metaphysical jewelry since 1999. Bill has a great deal of experience in online retailing and customer satisfaction.